Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mentastics® Minute

Welcome to the Mentastics® Minute!
In each newsletter, I will be suggesting a Mentastics movement that you can "try on" for yourself. If you have suggestions or requests for the Mentastics Minute, please send an email.

Shifting Weight
Stand up and notice how your legs and feet feel. No judgement - just noticing. How does your body feel in general? Your balance? Your connection to the ground?

Imagine your legs are sandbags - filled with warm sand. As you stand and shift your weight from side to side, imagine the sand emptying from one leg and filling up the other. The movement from one leg to the other and back again is effortless as the sand moves from one leg to the other. How would it feel if you used half as much effort... and half of that... and half of that... Make this movement for about a minute.

Now rest for a moment. What do you notice about your body - your legs - your feet - your balance - your mind?