Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Autumn Leaves :: bodyMinder October 2008

Patient Appreciation Day at
Integral Chiropractic in New Paltz

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WHO: Helen Gutfreund, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Trager Practitioner from Bodymind Massage Therapy
WHAT: Massage and Trager Approach mini-sessions
WHERE: Dr. Lester's Integral Chiropractic office at 3 Paradeis Lane, New Paltz, NY
WHEN: Tuesday, October 28,
2:00 - 6:00 PM,
WHY: To help Dr. Lester show his patients how much he appreciates them by offering them mini-sessions of massage or The Trager Approach.

Make your appointment now or tell a friend! As my time will be limited at Integral Chiropractic, you must schedule an appointment beforehand with Dr. Lester. If you are a regular client of Bodymind Massage and you know someone who is a patient of Dr. Lester's, please let them know that I will be at his office offering "free samples" of my work and to call Dr. Lester's office at 845-255-3300 to make an appointment. Time slots are going quickly, so call today!

Food Drive For Family of New Paltz
Family of New Paltz

Now through the end of November, Prospect Health Associates and Bodymind Massage Therapy are holding a food drive for Family of New Paltz.

Its easy to help local families in need - just bring any non-perishable food item with you when you come for your Massage or Chiropractic adjustment or Acupuncture session, such as canned soup, dry pasta, a jar of sauce, rice, beans, etc. Drop off your food at our office and feel good knowing not only that you are there for your own health and well-being, but that you are contributing to someone else's too.

Thanks in advance for all of your generous donations.

Mentastics® Minute
Welcome to your Mentastics Minute!
Mentastics, or mind-directed movements, are a fun and easy way to help you relax, break through holding patterns in your body, move easier and recall the feeling of a Trager session.

In each newsletter, I suggest a Mentastics movement that you can "try on" for yourself. If you have suggestions or requests for the Mentastics Minute, please send us an email.

Autumn Leaves
This Mentastic movement can help bring feelings of easier movement of legs, ankles, hips... maybe even somewhere else for you... by using fun and playful imagery.

What a beautiful time of year. The air is crisp, the trees are all aglow, and the crunch, crunch, crunch of the leaves underfoot are one of the joys of childhood that remains with me as an adult. Autumn LeavesWho among us has never jumped into a pile of leaves burying yourself underneath and tossing them gleefully up above or scurried through them leaving a trail of kicked-up whirly red-orange-yellow-brown foliage behind?

Do you recall what fun it is to walk on an autumn leaf covered path or lawn? If not, go outside NOW and play in the leaves, and while you are there, pause for a moment in stillness, just noticing how you feel. How does your body come in contact with it's environment? What smells do you notice? What sounds? What sensations? Now walk through the leaves and with each easy step, gently toss the leaves out to the side of where you are walking. Step... step... step... Easy. Playing. Now toss them to the front. Step... step... step... Easy. Playing. Now to the front. Step... step... step... Easy. Playing. Now pause. Breathe. Notice where your feet are - where your head is. Notice the smells, the sounds, the sensations.

Have fun playing in the Autumn leaves, or imagining playing in the Autumn leaves, if your part of the world doesn't have them just now.

Feel The Trager® Flow
Save 25% off your first Trager® Approach session!

Just mention that you would like to try a Trager® Approach Session when making your appointment, and save 25% off the regular fee.

Session lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Call 845.255.3228 to schedule your appointment today!

Offer Expires: December 31, 2008
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