Friday, April 4, 2008

April showers bring May flowers.

April showers bring May flowers. Who doesn't think of that saying the second they flip the page on th calendar from March 31st to April 1st? It is so ingrained in me that I say the saying all month long whenever I think of what month it is! The nervous system is powerful this way. Reciting "April showers bring May flowers" is habitual as are so many other things we do on a daily basis without even realizing it. What patterns or habits do you have that you would like to move past? The Trager Approach can help you to move past your habitual patterns, whether or not you know they are there, by gently rocking, swaying and supporting your nervous system into a deep state of relaxation, thereby creating the possibility of change. April showers have always brought May flowers, but just because you've always had pain or stiffness or lack of mobility or balance issues doesn't mean you always have to. Click here to find out more about The Trager Approach at Bodymind Massage.


Saturday Afternoon Fever Starting this month, Bodymind massage Therapy will be offering Couples and "Girlfriends day out" massages! With our "room 2" expanded space, we now have the capability of seeing two clients at the same time on Saturdays from 10 am - 4 pm - so grab your sweetheart or your best friend and have a relaxing Saturday out!

Now through the end of April, make an appointment for two people at the same time and get 10% off both sessions!

Mentastics® Minute

Welcome to your Mentastics Minute!
Mentastics, or mind-directed movements, are a fun and easy way to help you relax, break through holding patterns in your body, move easier and recall the feeling of a Trager session.

In each newsletter, I suggest a Mentastics movement that you can "try on" for yourself. If you have suggestions or requests for the Mentastics Minute, please send us an email.

Sea Kelp Mentastics
"Sea Kelp"
This Mentastic movement helps bring a feeling of ease to the entire body.

Standing comfortably, notice how you feel in this moment.

Now imagine that you are a piece of sea kelp, firmly but gently rooted through your feet in warm, tropical sand and that you are surrounded by warm Carrribean waters. As the sea currents move and sway and roll and swish, so too do you. Your arms become uplifted by the current and gently float back down again. Your knees, your ankles, your hips, your back, your mind are soft and swaying freely and gently.

How would it feel if you used half as much effort now... and half of that... and half of that... Make this movement for about a minute.... or two, if you have the time and inclination.

Now pause for a moment. What do you notice about your body - your legs - your hips - your arms - your back - your sea kelpness - your mind?

Long Term Care
Long Term Care is medical and non-medical care to an individual who has a chronic illness or disability. It can be provided at home or in an assisted living environment. It is important to remember that you may need Long Term Care at any age.

This is an invitation from Financial Planner, Chris Drouin of Beyond Wealth Management, to join him on a free telephone conference on Tuesday, April 8th at 12:30-1:00 PM regarding this important topic.
During the telephone conference Chris will answer the following questions:
  1. How do I discuss Long Term Care plans with my family?
  2. What does modern Long Term Care insurance pay for?
  3. Does Long Term Care affect annuities and cash value life insurance?
  4. How do I evaluate the NY State Partnership Program?
  5. What Long Term Care costs does Medicaid cover?
To call in, please register at the Beyond Wealth website at:
There, you will receive the call in number and code.

Chris can also be reached directly at 845.750.6213.

Save 10%
Couples and Best Friends

Now through the end of April, make an appointment for two people at the same time and get 10% off both sessions!

Call 845.255.3228 to schedule your appointment today!

60 or 90 minute sessions only.
Offer Expires: April 30, 2008