Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June Brides and Butterflies :: Bodyminder June 2008

Shifting Your Body and Mind From Tired to Inspired
Volume 4 Issue 6

June 2008
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"There are moments, above all on June evenings, when the lakes that hold our moons are sucked into the earth, and nothing is left but wine and the touch of a hand."

~ Charles Morgan (English novelist, 1894-1958)

Dancing Pink Elephantflies
Butterflies Moving Elephants

Have you seen the current edition of Healthy Living Magazine yet? If so, then you've probably noticed an article entitled "Butterflies Moving Elephants", all about the Trager Approach with an interview by yours truly.

If you haven't picked up your free copy yet, you can check it out by clicking here or by visiting:

bride and groom
June Weddings
It can be the happiest time of your life, AND one of the most stressful. From setting a date to dress fittings to deciding where to seat the guests, the busy-ness of the details of wedding planning can often make you feel run down and tired when really you want to feel elated and joyful... and you should!

If you are in the last throes of your wedding planning and you are feeling more stress than bliss, its time to stop - take a deep breath - and relax.

For the Bride-to-be, getting a relaxing massage before the big day is essential. Why not make it a special day out for you and your Maid of Honor or for you and your Groom? We have special but limited Saturday availabililty to accommodate couples and best friends, so make your appointments today.

Happy Father's Day!
(Dads Love Massage Too!)
Last month you may remember hearing about how all types of moms love massage. Well, I'm here to tell you that dads are no different! Click here to order up some R&R for that special dad in your life.

Mentastics® Minute

Welcome to your Mentastics Minute!
Mentastics, or mind-directed movements, are a fun and easy way to help you relax, break through holding patterns in your body, move easier and recall the feeling of a Trager session.

In each newsletter, I suggest a Mentastics movement that you can "try on" for yourself. If you have suggestions or requests for the Mentastics Minute, please send us an email.

"Self Care"
This Mentastic movement helps bring a feeling of ease to ______________ (fill in the blank).

Mentastics are designed to bring you awareness of your own body and mind. With that in mind, sit or stand quitely and comfortable and close your eyes and take a "scan" of your body starting from your feet and going all through your body all the way up to your head. In what part of your body do you notice that you would like a little opening, ease, length or free movement? In what part of your body do you notice that you already have those feelings? What type of movements would feel good in your body right now? Remembering to move with ease and without effort, make a movement now and for about a minute that would feel good to you.

Now pause for a moment. What do you notice about your body, how you are sitting or standing - your movements - your mind?